Survival Without Roots
Anna Anderson

Adopted as a baby in North Yorkshire in the 1950s, Anne grows up feeling an ‘imperfect fit’ for the ‘Mum’ who raised her. 

Years of criticism, control and complete withdrawal of love affect her choices in life as she endlessly seeks the love and acceptance she craves. 

Join her as she careers and swerves through the first eighteen years. 

Will she find the resilience to survive her upbringing and the tragedies encountered along the way? 

Health, Personal Development & Business 

THRIVE! A holistic approach to high performance living.
Dean Coulson

By bringing awareness to how you move, how you eat, challenging what you think and allowing yourself to express how you feel, THRIVE will show you how to gain self mastery over your mind, body and spirit to master whatever life throws at you.

THRIVE! Shows you how to approach life from a place of curiosity, wonder and excitement rather than fear and frustration.

Revealing four elements of a health paradigm, THRIVE! gives you a better understanding of who you really are, what 'health' actually means, and how you can take back control and live a life of happiness and fulfilment.

Fuelled Fit and Fired Up: Unleash the power of a healthy life
David Rogers

Realise your potential using a straightforward approach to living a healthier and happier life. Equally impactful in personal and professional life, Fuelled, Fit and Fired Up provides practical techniques that will enhance your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Be empowered to make sustainable lifestyle choices, take control and create new long-lasting habits. Are you ready to unleash the power of a healthy life?

Stand Out
Debra Stevens

We’re online and communicating all day, but with less and less impact. 

We need to build on what makes us human. Skills such as listening, socialising and storytelling have been lost in the world of digital and are needed more than ever, both personally and professionally. These soft skills give you the advantage in a changing world, allowing you freedom, flexibility and the ability to collaborate with others. 

Energy Aware: Live a life of no mistakes
Ildiko Spinfisher

What if you had the key to making consistently great choices? Choices about who to date, what jobs to take, how to stay healthy and how to get the life you want. What if there was a hidden organising structure that you could use to keep you from getting swept off course in the often bewildering currents of life? An unseen domain that the natural world on our planet has been using successfully for billions of years. Being unaware of this resource is like wearing a blindfold and aiming to hit a target without knowing which direction you are facing. But now it’s your turn to discover the secret.

The 50 Secrets of Self-Confidence
Richard Nugent

This book is packed with strategies for increasing confidence. By choosing one or two at a time and using them, your confidence will grow significantly no matter what your starting point. Apply the tools, techniques and principles you are about to read and you will have all the confidence you could ever need in any situation.

Time Ltd
Steven Watson

Exploring each of the blocks that you'll need to conquer in order to achieve true freedom in your professional and personal life, the author takes you through a simple, practical and actionable model known as The Pyramid of Time Mastery, that will help you to develop the time habits for success. Too often, being 'busy' is seen as a sign of success, but this book turns that idea on its head, and encourages you to stop wishing for more time - but instead shows you how to make more of the time you already have available to you.

The Cactus Surgeon: Using nature to fix a faulty brain
Hannah Powell

Living in London, Hannah suffered burnout and was diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder. With no information available to help her, she found her own way to get better. Growing up in a garden centre, her childhood was full of nature and plants. This was in stark contrast to the concrete of the capital, where she became unwell. In searching for the answers to her illness, she wonders whether being torn from her pot and replanted in a more hostile environment was the reason her body started to malfunction. It’s a book of mindful moments, savouring the small wonders of nature.

A Blokes Life: Time to grab life by the balls
Steve Dobby

Think of this book as a beginner's class, a foundation to build on. A smorgasbord of real-life experiences, little ideas, and relatable tales to help you discover that you are a lot more capable than you realise at dealing with life's daily ups and downs.

Yes, life can kick you in the Bollxcks, but it's how you react to each situation that can really effect your state of mind and your general wellbeing.

Isn't it about time you took responsibility for your actions and make your life worth living rather than just enduring it?

Tame Your Inner Critic
Michael Garde

How many times have you wanted to do something that you knew would be fun, thrilling, exciting, fulfilling or even life-changing? You’re revved up and ready to go. It’s time for action, you’re excited and then your inner critic shows up. Suddenly you’re full of self-doubt and fear where before was excitement. I will take you on a journey, where you’ll look at your story and understand where your inner critic came from and how it prevents you from performing at your best. In this book, I’ll teach you how to tame your inner critic and be the person you were always meant to be.

You Are Going To F*cking Die
A humorous guide to dealing with the loss of… yourself
Adam Jones

If you’ve got a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that your life isn’t as fulfilling as you had expected it to be and you want to get yourself into gear for serious action or at least off your sofa and doing anything other than playing on your phone, why not think about your own death? Wait what?

Successful Business Networking
Ladey Adey

The First Book dedicated to ONLINE Business Networking as a motivational guide for business men and business women. To increase their marketing and entrepreneurship skills and make sales for their business.  Dos and Don'ts of Networking Online to take your Business to the next level and beat your competition to making connections, relationships and sales.  Ladey Adey, UK's most experienced networker and pioneer of online networking, unlocks critical business secrets.

Start: The complete guide to getting stuff done
Steve Kelly

Are you ready to achieve your goals and aspirations? Or ready to finish that project or perhaps start a new one? Maybe you don’t know how to start, lost your motivation and need a bit of a boost? Then START the book has been written for you. 

Stratnav: The Law of Propulsion
Richard Perry

Do you wonder why things never really turn out the way you think in business and life?

Well, what if ‘the way you think’ was the problem. What if , without realising it, you had programmed your internal guidance system and ended up exactly where you asked it to take you.

Transform yourself, your team and your company, combining strategic insight and execution via the intelligent use of emotions.

Unsexy Business
Jamie Waller

Forget the hype and the sexy headlines, this is where you'll make your fortune. In this revealing new book Jamie Waller, entrepreneur and self-made multi-millionaire, shows how you don't need to come up with some amazing new invention or app or raise millions to be a business success. What you need is hard work and determination and you need to be looking for a business idea that is pretty unsexy if you really want to make it big. We're talking about businesses that collect debts, sell sofas or ship goods, real, solid businesses that you probably use all the time, ones that that won't grab the headlines but can make you very, very rich. And that's what makes unsexy very attractive. Discover how you too can make it really big in business by ignoring the glitz and glamour and building your own unsexy business.

Help! I'm a Father: The Aha! moments that will make you a great dad
Mark Hearn

Help! I’m a Father is designed to be a practical help to all expectant fathers and existing fathers with children at any age of their development. Readers will learn dozens of tips and enjoy anecdotes on how to handle different situations that occur during their children’s lives. Plus there’s advice on how to be really involved with and guide your children as they grow up irrespective of what age they are. It suggests ideas and strategies on how to cope with day to day situations or major events that occur in the family and offers tips and advice that really works.

Becoming the GOAT
Eleanor Baggaley

Do you feel like you don't belong?  

Maybe you're not as confident as people think you are?  

Or maybe you're just thinking what next? 


A book for 11-16-year-olds, Becoming the GOAT will help you unpick your life so far, teach you skills for your future and encourage you to become your Greatest Of All Time.

How to Empty Your Stress Bucket
Gin Lalli

How to empty your stress bucket explains brain function and neuroscience in a graspable way so that you can recognise where your negative thoughts and feelings originate.  Once you master this then you'll be able to feel more empowered to eliminate anxiety, stress and depression forever.

With simple techniques you can empty that stress bucket and live the life you want and deserve no!

Adult Fiction

The Big Fix
Jill Morris

Gripping debut thriller combining football, greed and corruption. Focused around the true lifeblood of the game. Because football without fans is nothing. 
A fictional story of corruption at the heart of football, stumbled upon by Brentford fan, Liam and set against the backdrop of the Bees’ 2017/18 season.

Five Days in Istanbul
Maisie Sullivan

Five Days in Istanbul is the story of three friends, teaching in the Middle East in the late 1990s. They yearn for an escape from the responsibilities of motherhood, teacher-hood, and wifehood. If only for a short while, and to be able to be themselves and let their hair down a bit.

It was many things. But most of all it was extraordinary, unimaginable, and unforgettable.

Monday Is Washing Day 
Elizabeth Hughes

A historical family saga spanning three generations of working-class women from Barrow in Furness at the start of the 20th century. Book One: Grace tells the story of the eldest girl of eight siblings, for whom, through two world wars, family is the centre of her life.

JackFruit Treasure Trap
Matthew Bird

JackFruit Treasure Trap is a historic adventure fiction book set in the 17th century. Suitable for ages 15+

A treacherous journey to uncover a precious family secret. Rayleigh Edwards accompanies his cousin, Wethersby Thacker Jnr, across South and East Asia. They are tracking their grandfather’s clues to find a mysterious jade casket full of gems, the JackFruit Treasure. But Wethersby’s brothers are in hot pursuit, impatient to trap the hoard for themselves. With his last breath, their grandfather had whispered a warning, “It is a handsome treasure but cursed. Never be it grasped by any one man or one woman, for a long haunting death will surely follow….”

Buying Your Granddaughter
Alan Rafferty

Buying Your Granddaughter’ is a gripping story of women wrestling power for themselves in First Century Palestine in order to survive at a time when women are traded and sold like chattels. Tabitha needs a man to save Miriam, her granddaughter, but not just any man. She needs Ezekiel, the man she hates most. Can they pull off Tabitha’s audacious plan or will their personal enmity destroy the mission?

The Devil's Luck
Ruby Lord

What is your greatest desire, lust, greed, envy, pride, sloth, gluttony, or wrath? Based on the Seven Deadly Sins, Beelzebub shows his hand to the souls he’s acquiring. This group of characters want to achieve their goal. Can anyone win in the Devil’s game? 
Would you sign his contract to make your dreams a reality?

This Side of the Light: A child's reason to be
Rachael Trask

In 1655, a cruelly-treated child dies. There is no record that she ever lived. Was her life meaningless? Her spirit waits on this side of the Light to discover her reason to be - and will wait as long as it takes. 
363 years later...

Long Shadows over Whittington Edge
Catherine Cliffe

Whittington Edge was the perfect village with an ancient church filled to the belfry with eccentric citizens – that’s why Lottie Colenso moved there.
She had plans to join the Women’s Institute and excel at jam making and quilting.... but that was before she found a body that had lain undisturbed for many years. This was a problem since she was in Whittington Edge hiding away from a very nasty man who had threatened to kill her and public attention was the last thing she needed.

Long Shadows over Whittington Edge is a crime novel and the first of The Tales of Whittington Edge series.

The Witches of Whittington Edge
Catherine Cliffe

Three men came to Whittington Edge. One came to make mischief, one came to glorify himself, and one came to kill. But someone had upset the witches of Whittington Edge and everyone knows you should never upset the witches. The peaceful waters of this small town were soon stirred up. Old friendships were overturned. A newly revealed betrayal was to be avenged and the witches both inside and outside the coven were destined for a shake up. 

Welcome to Hilltop
Sheila Starr

Stella has just fulfilled her dream by opening her own retreat called Hilltop. It has a spectacular view of the sea from the top of the hill and is a place for her to provide rest, relaxation and life coaching for her guests. Here we meet her first guests and learn about their loves, lives and challenges and how the retreat helps them all deal with finding solutions to their problems. The lives of the guests become entwined in love and friendship with some life-long relationships being made.

Love and Lies at Hilltop
Sheila Starr

Anna and her friends arrive at Hilltop retreat to celebrate her forthcoming wedding. There are lots of fun activities arranged from jet skiing to pampering, with lots of eating and drinking.Being back in the West Country brings back memories for Anna; a secret life that her friends and future husband know nothing about. She tries to put her past to the back of her mind, but when she bumps into an old friend, her complicated web of lies starts to unravel. How can she keep her secret? Does she want to keep it anymore? 

Dave, Fanny and a Motorhome
Derek Crysell

When a retired policeman buys his first motorhome, he goes on holiday with his wife. It's not long before all hell breaks loose due to a spate of murders across campsites in England. Dave never made it into the CID but that wasn't going to stop him from trying to catch the killer. If that wasn't enough both of them have to contend with the trials and tribulations of being rookie motorhome owners.

Memoir and Biography

Sixteen Days
Victoria Wilson-Crane Ph.D.

January 2020.  Her sudden, unexpected and unexplained death.
She's 22.
Everyone wants to help.  Few know what to say and do.
Sad, funny, honest accounts.  All true.  How we were supported, what worked for us, and what experts say.

Read Sixteen Days.  Be confident supporting others in shock and grief.

You Only Live Thrice – Perspective is a Superpower
Karl Perry

Sometimes, the Universe goes out of its way, to invite the opportunity of not just a second, but a third incarnation of life. 

You Only Live Thrice is an often comic but brutally honest account of surviving cardiac arrest at home, embracing the opportunity for a second life, struggling to get balance in that second life.

Uplifting, frank and irreverent, this isn’t a self-help book. But in testing times, it can help to realise that your own perspective on life, is sometimes your greatest Superpower.

Survival Without Roots
Anna Anderson

Adopted as a baby in North Yorkshire in the 1950s, Anne grows up feeling an ‘imperfect fit’ for the ‘Mum’ who raised her. 

Years of criticism, control and complete withdrawal of love affect her choices in life as she endlessly seeks the love and acceptance she craves. 

Join her as she careers and swerves through the first eighteen years. 

Will she find the resilience to survive her upbringing and the tragedies encountered along the way? 


Scared to be Me
Beth Parris

Your painful past does not have to dictate your current reality or determine your future. You are way more than what they said about you. Yes! You are an amazingly beautiful human, just like me. I am here to share my story to show you that your past does not define your future! You are in charge and can create an amazing life once you start believing in yourself.

The Bumps Ahead: The tale of a five-year pregnancy
Nick Finney

It’s natural to want to become a parent, but sometimes it’s not so simple. ‘The Bumps Ahead’ is a prospective dad’s account of the heart-wrenching highs, and sometimes devastating lows, of trying for a family when nature doesn’t take its course, and what happens when that little bundle of joy isn’t what you expected it to be… 

Found In The Med Without Papers
Tina Smith

The resistance has heard that Anna is decoding for the Nazis and they see her as a collaborator and are coming to kill her. She is smuggled out into the Med in a fishing boat where she is picked up by a British frigate.

Anyone found without papers was taken to Palestine for the duration of the war. That's where the truly beautiful Anna finds herself.

Are We There Yet
Ian Pilbeam

Imagine quitting your secure job right before a recession to backpack around the world with two children aged 8 and 10. What would it be like to be that parent, let alone that child? Come along on this inspirational, educational and entertaining journey with an intrepid family of four who did just that. From Bali to Beijing, Edinburgh to Ecuador and Madagascar to Machu Picchu, it certainly wasn’t your average holiday!

Roger Wilson-Crane

Three tales, following one man through birth, marriage, and death.

Inspired by real life events, this humorous fictional memoir takes you on a journey of joy, loss, and heartache, through life's three certificates. 

It is, ultimately, a love story.

Chocolate & Chips
Gillian Westlake

Leaving home and marrying at 19, Gill shares her struggles through broken relationships and overbearing bosses.

Never taking the easy option, always standing on her own two feet.

Finally being comfortable with what life has offered. A difficult decade ended with a trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Up The Wall!: Getting through lockdown one take-away at a time
Audrey Macnaughton

What was your lockdown like? Did you smash it? 
Yoga every day? Learned Mandarin? 
Painted the entire house? 
No, neither did I. 
If you want a good laugh and a galloping read, join me in the retelling of my family’s lockdown experience. Starting on the first day of Lockdown One (or just Lockdown as we called it then, we didn’t know that it was destined to be a mini-series), this book brings you our hilarious antics, a few tears and many stroppy episodes

Memories from the End of the Line
Richard Thomas

I set off on the 18th of April 2018 with some nervousness, trepidation and a great deal of excitement on an exploration in which I didn't know what I'd find, who I'd meet and what, if anything I'd learn. 
Open me up and join me inside as I reveal what an amazing journey this has been. A journey which starts at the end of every Transport for London (TfL) line - from Abbey Wood to Woolwich Arsenal. 79 stations in all along the Underground, Overground, DLR, TfL Rail, Tramway and Emirates Air Line. Some you'll know, some you won't and some you may find as unexpected stops along the way. You might even find yourself saying 'well I didn't know that!'


But Rosie Didn't See It ...
Christine Beech

What is it that Rosie cannot see? Young children will enjoy the bright, colourful illustrations as they follow the story and find out if they can see what Rosie can’t. This heart-warming story shows the beauty of a child’s innocence and willingness to engage with others.  Your child will be encouraged to think about their ‘Just ME, being ME’ superpower at the end of this book. The author  strongly believes in building confidence and self-esteem in children’s lives and helping them develop their unique giftings at an early age.

Be Proud to Be Me
Diane Hull

Diane Hull is a retired Primary School teacher, specializing in the Early Years, who lives in Todmorden in England. Known as "Grandma Duck" to her grandchildren, she is very much in touch with what young children like to read and have read to them. Educated at Manchester Metropolitan University, Diane graduated with a BA (Hons) First Class in Early Childhood Studies and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. 

This book is Dyslexic inclusive; it is printed in a font that everyone can read, including people with dyslexia.

Eddy Finds A Family
Sarah McGeough

Flossy and Frank Flamingo are unable to have a chick of their own. Eddy Emu is in foster care and in need of a loving home. Eddy Finds a Family is a heart-warming story about adoption that follows their journey as they find each other and become a family. It takes a sensitive and emotional subject and makes it fun and engaging for children to enjoy.

Eddy Feels at Home
Sarah McGeough

Flossy and Frank Flamingo are excited to be parents. Eddy Emu is moving in with his mummy and daddy. Follow this wonderful new family on their emotional journey as they get to know one another, learn more about adoption and settle into their home together.

Officially endorsed by Adoption UK 

The Educated Pheasant
Jeannie Duncanson

Three unlikely friends with different attitudes to life, embark on an adventure. Meet Pheasant, Rabbit, and their new friend, Mouse. During their journey, they learn about each other's differences, display courage, support, and respect, solving a few of life's problems along the way. A classic style story with a modern twist bringing countryside characters to life learning to cope with a changing world.

The Educated Pheasant meets Mrs Prickles
Jeannie Duncanson

The Educated Pheasant, Rabbit and Mouse are wonderful friends that love to have adventures and explore the countryside.

In this story, they meet Mrs. Prickles and Pheasant discovers there are other ways to learn new things apart from reading his precious books. Their day doesn’t go according to plan, but they help each other through and meet some interesting characters along the way.

Mouse learns that he needs to look before he leaps and Rabbit makes sure his friends have a good night’s sleep.

The Educated Pheasant's Nature Activity Book
Jeannie Duncanson

This fun book will keep children entertained whilst they learn about the countryside. It is linked to the first book by The Educated Pheasant. It will stimulate and inspire their creative minds with fun puzzles, colouring-in, and outdoor searches. Children will enjoy discovering interesting facts about nature. They will be encouraged to look after the countryside and each other. That is the power of the Educated Pheasant and the knowledge he has gained from all the books he has read.

Oscar the Dragon Cleans His Teeth
Eleanor Baggaley

Oscar the Dragon hates brushing his teeth but loves to eat lots of tasty food and treats.

Find out what happens when Oscar doesn’t brush his teeth one day and the valuable lesson he learns about keeping his teeth clean.

The Enchanted Suitcase: Preston's Christmas Surprise
Jinny Morgan Lewtas

This book will be a must-read story for the whole family every Christmas Eve as a treasured tradition.

The book comes with hints, tips and a resource list to make the story more inclusive and accessible for young readers to enjoy.

It also comes with a page to help children understand Preston's feelings throughout his adventure.

The Last Coal Miner
Alfie Joey

Some years after the last coal mines were closed, a mysterious miner is discovered by two curious children.  They understand his odd language and introduce him to a different world.  But will that world accept him?

Echoing the heartwarming sentiment of 'the Snowman' by Raymond Briggs, Alfie Joey's picture book reflects on a history and heritage that shaped communities... forever.

Compass and Carrot: A story of adventure, friendship and discovery
Nichola Kingsbury

Meet Reggie Rabbit as he packs his Compass and Carrot to go on a brilliant adventure across beautiful Dartmoor. He meets lots of lively characters on his journey, dogs, cats and horses. With the help of some new friends and magical stones, Reggie is able to solve difficult challenges. Be part of the adventure as he tries to find his way home safely.

Nora's Knitted Knickers
Karen Wagner

Underwear doesn't just vanish into thin air ... or does it? 

Lollipop lady Nora, only gets to wear her new knickers once before they disappear. There follows a series of mishaps, misunderstandings, and misuses before Nora's knitted knickers reclaim their true identity. A story about friendship, naughty animals and magic.

Age 6-10

Creativity, Cooking and Art

Time To Start Your Art
Sue Trusler

From a quirk of fate that started me painting canal art, I have had so much enjoyment from art, I decided to write a book, Time To Start Your Art. I would love to encourage people to start to paint or draw. I am not an art expert, I am someone who stumbled upon art by chance. However, I have learnt so much that I would like to share my experiences. Hoping that some readers will be inspired enough to start their own Art journey. As the book progresses you will see real pictures of my first wobbly sketches of a jam jar, evolving to a drawing of a National Trust mansion. All but two of the pictures in my book are of my own artwork, to show what can be achieved by someone just like you! Be inspired, there is no better time than the present to Start Your Art!


A Pocket Full of Love
Louise Bourdon

A Pocket Full Of Love- "I wrote this for you" is written in memory of John Michael Clemons 05/11/74 - 04/04/20. A selection of poems beautifully written from my heart in memory of my loved one who sadly passed away in 2020.
When you lose someone you love, you never know how you are able to carry on. This little book of love is all about my Journeys with the man I love and lost and in writing them, it has given me great comfort and made me feel closer to him. It has helped me immensely in my grieving journey. I hope this collection of verses will be a source of comfort to those that read this, that have also lost a loved one in their lifetime.

A School Daze - School Rocks In Ro Ro Frocks 
Diane Parker

School Daze is a paperback poetry book containing over 40 poems based on my life growing up in the 70s my memories and recollections highs and lows.

Of home life growing up and school memories through high school. 


Beyond the Breed
Heather Stevens

This book helps to explain the 9 Functional Characters in dogs, originally observed by the noted wolf biologist Dr Gordon Haber. You will discover why Functional Characters are so important and how knowledge of them will help you to understand dogs at a deeper level. Heather has been working with dogs since 1979 and specialises in canine aggression. She is a CFBA registered Canine Behaviour Protectioner, an ABTC registered Animal Trainer, a KPA Certified Training Partner, a Reiki Master, and a volunteer Assistance Dog Trainer & Assessor.

Sempervivums for Enthusiasts
Andrew & Victoria Fletcher

If you have ever thought you were ‘no good at growing things’, Sempervivums may be the perfect plant for you. You can almost forget about them and they’ll still survive.

Learn about their origins and how to use them as herbal remedies. We’ll talk about identification and show you some of the varieties and cultivars in our own collection.