Stop Procrastinating – Start Writing!

If you're determined to publish your book, then writing it is a rather important part. The problem is… life.

It gets in the way.

I'm an author, I've been there, desperately trying to get my book over the line but feeling isolated; faffing about instead of writing and putting the pro in procrastination.

My goal of writing 10,000 words by the end of the month kept getting pushed to the next (and the next). I just needed to create some quality writing time.

You know that feeling?

That’s why I created an author’s Accelerator Weekend, which allows you to spend two days focusing on you and your writing, with amazing support.

You'll write more in two days than you would in a month - guaranteed.

The prospect of a long weekend in the South of France; just you and your laptop perched on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, sounds like a perfect retreat.  

But let’s face facts - right now, that isn’t going to happen.

However, what you can do, with the right motivation and guidance, is write more in two days than you previously could in a whole month.

I'd like to Accelerate My Writing


Join other aspiring authors, just like you, on August 21st & 22nd for a writer's Accelerator Weekend.

Two days where I’ll help you to get your words from brain to screen and ultimately from screen to print.

And here is the best bit… it's fun!

The Accelerator Weekend includes SIX 17 minute Turbo Training Sessions (presented online) where I’ll give you all the tools and the motivation you need to write like a pro.

Plus you'll be part of a wonderful movement of ambitious authors, helping and supporting each other to achieve your writing goals. 

Yes, you'll write (a lot), but there's also a lot more to writing than just writing...

Here's what you'll cover:

DAY 1 Saturday 21st
10am LIVE Turbo Training Zoom

Introduction to the Weekend
Using the Power Planner

Your first 3 writing sprints

2pm LIVE Turbo Training Zoom

The Focus Five – How to remove distractions
Idea Generation – Remove writer's block for ever

3 more writing sprints

6pm LIVE Turbo Training Zoom

The Super Edit
Day One Review


DAY 2 Sunday 22nd
10am LIVE Turbo Training Zoom

Building momentum
Achieve Your Writing Goals

Super Sunday writing sprints

2pm LIVE Turbo Training Zoom

The Big Push
Healthy writing – looking after yourself

Keep going! 

6pm LIVE Turbo Training Zoom

What’s next

Look back at what you have achieved

The Accelerator Weekend is only £197... but if you take action now you can enjoy an early bird discount - save £100 and book your place for just £97
Click here to Save.

Plus, as well as all the learning, fun and motivation, I guarantee you will write more during those two days than you normally would in a stop/start month.

Imagine how it will feel having completed thousands of words? 
If not now, when? It's time to Write That Book.

This special offer, saving £100, taking £197 to just £97 will end soon.
Reserve your place. 

This is the writing opportunity you've been waiting for.

And it comes with a 100% total satisfaction guarantee.

Love it, write more and enjoy the process or I’ll give you your money back.

Join me for the Write That Book Accelerator Weekend.

I'd like to join, SAVE £100 and write my book

Is it for me?

The Accelerator Weekend is for every type of author. Whether you’re writing a romantic romp or technical manual, a personal development paperback or a short story of struggle - you’ll get your ideas over the line.

Even if you're writing a 200-word children's book, you will have improved and perfected your plot.

You could even share it with other members of the Accelerator Weekend to get instant feedback.

But you're probably struggling to turn your dream into a reality. Stuff gets in the way. Life takes over. You're wondering if you will ever write that book. You need the Accelerator Weekend to kick start. 

Or if you're writing every day, delighted with your progress and you're achieving your writing goals then you probably don't need this.

But If you're not... 

YES! I need this.

Your questions answered

I'm Michael Heppell a UK based, Sunday Times number one best-selling author of seven books.

I've been published in 27 languages and my books are sold in over 80 countries.

I coach and support authors who want to write, publish and sell their books.

In 2021 I set a goal to help 1,000 people to publish 1,000 books in 1,000 days.

Would you like to be one of the 1,000?

Join me for my Accelerator Weekend and let me help. 

I'd like to be one of the 1,000

Here's a reminder of what I'll cover and what you'll learn:


Enjoy a motivational introduction to the Accelerator Weekend

Power Planner

Use my Personal Power Planner to keep you on track

Focus Five

Learn the Focus Five to clear distractions


Find ways to remove pressure and make your writing enjoyable

The Super Edit

Discover the secret to making words  count and sentences shout

Achieve Writing Goals

Create a Future History - the ultimate visualisation technique


Learn four fab ‘fingercises’ to keep your phalanges in fine fettle

Good Eye Health

Avoid Asthenopia - that's eye-strain to you and me

Idea Generation

Remove writer's block with my Instant Idea Generator


Celebrate your successes with others and share theirs too


Win fun prizes in our light-hearted competitions

Mini Pop-up Group

A great place to get feedback and make new friends.

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