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Michael Heppell - Author  Speaker  Coach 

The 1,000 Mission

(MEDIA RELEASE) Best-selling Author Launches Mission 1000

Sunday Times Best-Selling author Michael Heppell is on a mission to make a difference by working with budding authors.

His goal is to help 1,000 people write 1,000 books in just 1,000 days.

During lockdown, Michael found his life as a professional speaker in a stage of transition. Gone were the days of constant travel, trips to buzzing offices and live presentations to thousands. Replaced with reflective time spent at his home in Northumberland, Michael’s creative juices were flowing and needed to be channelled into something positive. ‘Write That Book’ was born, an online community created to support and nourish budding authors.

Michael said “I’ve spent the last 16 months changing the way I work and how I contribute. In 1998, I set myself a goal to positively influence one million lives. I would push towards that goal every day by speaking to thousands of people, writing my own books and connecting with large businesses. I achieved my goal in 2018.  I still love all of those things, but the world has changed and I’ve had to adapt.

This time of reflection has allowed me to connect to many individuals who I discovered wanted to write and publish their books. I created ‘WriteThatBook.co.uk’ as a way of helping others to share their stories and knowledge to their audiences.

Books are the best way to learn, laugh, improve, reminisce and escape.

This goal is my biggest yet. It’s ridiculous, it’s incredibly challenging and it’s exciting. That’s what makes it worthwhile.”

Since the launch of Write That Book last year, over 100 new writers have joined with over 30 books published and dozens more in the pipeline.  

The Write That Book community is a free, unique online space where writers can confidently bring their vision to life, connect with partners - from illustrators to agents, publishers to proof-readers - receive help and advice from industry professionals and learn how to publish and market their work.

Members have published every genre from thrillers to travel, children’s tales to self-help; the talent has been amazing and the success stories from ‘Write That Book’ extraordinary.

Over 100 people have completed the Write That Book Masterclass. 

Here's a selection of the diverse books some have already published. From fiction to business, children's to specialist, health and wellbeing to time management. 

A further 60 are due to be published in 2021.