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Do you want to:

achieve more than you ever thought possible

have access to amazing resources

learn from the best teachers

be part of an amazing group

remove the limiting beliefs that hold you back

fill your life with joy   

feel positively accountable – so you’ll get things done 

have exclusive access to Michael Heppell

increase your productivity

remove wasted time

accomplish more than you ever thought possible

Then join TEAM 17

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17 Minutes With

A series of interviews with fascinating people talking on extraordinary subjects.
From entertainment to business, the arts to education and a whole host of other areas.
Designed to give an insight in to how they live their lives.

TEAM 17 Community

A private group of like-minded positive people to encourage and support you.
Key to your success is to help others and be helped. TEAM 17 is the ultimate way to achieve this.
Find out more about the TEAM 17 community here.

17 University

17 fascinating learning modules covering everything from time management to motivation, influencing skills to dealing with overwhelm.
Presented by Michael Heppell and accessible 24/7 to learn at your own speed.

Challenges, Competitions and Events

Seasonal specials, incredible incentives and contests.
Designed to keep you interested and ensure you stay motivated.

Michael Heppell LIVE

Regular LIVE broadcasts from Michael Heppell (described as one of the top three professional speakers in the world) answering your questions, special live guests, loads of fun and much more.

DAY 17

On the 17th day of every month we all come together for Day 17 - a very special live event. 
Check in with your team. Reset your goals. Get stuff over the line!


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Massive Action Projects

Do you have a project that you want to get over the line? 

A Massive Action Project (MAP) could be just the thing to help you to achieve your goal. 

It could be; finding a new dream job, getting fit, starting your new business, writing that book, finding a new partner, sorting out a mess!

These are all amazing MAPs which Members of 17 have completed in the past.

MAPs are a perfect way to get motivated, stay motivated and complete your personal projects.

Exclusive Video Content

Michael will be recording and sharing exclusive video content designed to motivate and inspire.

17 Minute Turbo Coaching*

The chance to be coached by Michael and Christine Heppell. Normally only available to a handful of people.

Audio Downloads

TEAM 17 Members will be given the opportunity to download amazing audios, to listen to anywhere at any time

* 17 Minute Turbo Coaching can be purchased as a bolt on product and is exclusively available to TEAM 17 Members.

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NEW FOR 2021 - Introducing

Stream 17 is the latest edition to TEAM17

You'll be invited to join specialist streams where you can go deep into an area for your development. You’ll work with experts, participate with a group of like-minded people and accelerate your development and knowledge. Our first streams were:

Marketing and Building Brand

Creating Habits

Building Your Network and Connections

Fit & Fabulous

Automate your life with your tech

Review The Edge with the author

Karen Morley-Chesworth

With the support of 17 I did publish the Embarrassed Journo blog (a work in progress)

I’m rediscovering my own voice again.

Angie Vale

Thank you for 17 

It’s helped fill a huge void in my life and kept me sane when all around seems to be falling down. 

John Buttery

I have made positive shifts in my exercise routine: 60 miles a week cycling to 120. 3 yoga/strength sessions to 5. 2 weight sessions to 3. The odd meditation to every day. No writing to 17 mins day.
A much needed boost.

Your questions answered

Diane Roe

Wow! I Can’t believe what I’ve achieved! 

Keep spreading the joy!

Karen Carruthers

This has kept me grounded even when the world is upside down.

Emma Martin

This group is so special. 17 days where I've engaged with people who otherwise I may never have crossed paths with. I have been inspired by Michael and the group

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17 Minutes With... 

A unique series of interviews with some extraordinary people.

From famous household names to extraordinary minds, all who are happy to share with TEAM17 their ideas, stories and personal lives.

Here's just a small sample of our 17 Minutes With Interviews.   

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